NYPD Officer Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop

NYPD Officer Jonathan DillerSlain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller

Tragedy Strikes as NYPD Officer Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop

Far Rockaway Queens, NY. NYPD Officer Fatally Shot. A routine traffic stop turned deadly in New York City on Monday evening as Officer Jonathan Diller was shot and killed in the line of duty. The incident, which occurred in the Far Rockaway section of Queens just before 5:50 p.m., marks the first slaying of an NYPD officer in two years.

According to Police Commissioner Edward Caban, Officer Diller and his partner approached a vehicle illegally parked at a bus stop when a man inside opened fire, striking Diller below his bullet-proof vest. Despite returning fire and injuring the suspected shooter, Diller succumbed to his injuries after being rushed to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

Mayor Eric Adams expressed profound sorrow over the loss, addressing reporters at the hospital where Diller passed away. He emphasized the pain of losing one of the city’s own and condemned the senseless act of violence.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene, with bystanders fleeing for cover as officers attempted to apprehend the suspects. Despite being wounded, Officer Diller bravely tried to disarm the shooter before succumbing to his injuries.

Diller, a Massapequa Resident, was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center but could not be saved, officials said. He had been with the police department for three years, was married, and had a young child, Caban said on the social media platform X.


“We struggle to find the words to express the tragedy of losing one of our own,” Caban wrote.

The police department’s chief of detectives, Joseph Kenny, said Diller and his partner had initially tried to order the vehicle’s driver and passenger out of the car, which was stopped on a busy but narrow street in a bustling commercial district.

“He was asked to leave the car,” Kenny said of the person who pulled the gun. “He was given a lawful order numerous times to step out of the car. He refused. And when the officers took him out of the car, rather than stepping out of the car, he shot our officer.”

Kenny said Diller “stayed in the fight” after being wounded and tried to disarm the shooter, whose name was not immediately released by police.

“The gun hit the ground. And as the perpetrator was still reaching for it, this cop was able to grab it, although he was still shot,” Kenny said.

The tragedy echoes a similar incident in 2022 when two NYPD officers were ambushed in Harlem. The loss of Officer Diller has reignited calls for an end to violence against law enforcement officers.

Diller was a three-year veteran of the police department who was working for the community response team in Queens South when he was killed. During his career, he made more than 70 arrests.

In response to the shooting, Patrick Hendry, president of the Police Benevolent Association of New York, expressed anger and demanded an end to such attacks, highlighting the devastating impact on both the officer’s family and the law enforcement community.

The identity of the suspected shooter has not been released by the police, who are continuing their investigation into the incident. As New York City mourns the loss of one of its dedicated officers, the broader conversation around police safety and the dangers they face in the line of duty persists.


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